Mondial Assistance


How can we help?*

How can we help?


Mondial Assistance provides insurance companies with full range of assistance services and contributes to their long-term relationships with clients.

You’re an Insurer or part of a large Insurance Group? Welcome!

You’re an Insurer or part of a large Insurance Group? Welcome!

Are you looking for a supplier who has decades of experience in the assistance and insurance business? Whose track record is unrivalled and recognised worldwide? Whose ethic demands constant innovation, never once presuming that the work is done? Do you want a partner who understands that there is a whole world of customer insurance needs to consider, and is focusing on designing solutions to meet every single one of them? Who embraces challenge, and adds value to your business because it helps you better understand your customers’ life swings, and helps you keep customers, year after year? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Mondial Assistance.

We’ve been understanding your business for nearly 40 years!

At Mondial Assistance, we really do understand you and your business. You may ask yourselves, how so? Well, it’s because we’ve been working with Insurers like you and developing assistance products ever since we were created nearly 40 years ago. We understand that life’s many stages and events, both expected and unexpected, can trigger insurance needs that are not necessarily directly addressed by core insurance products. This means that you may be missing opportunities to serve your customers. We’re here to help you seize those opportunities.

We help build customer loyalty

Our mission is to help you build your business and reinforce your customers’ loyalty. This all begins by truly understanding life’s stages so you can meet your customers’ particular insurance and assistance needs when these stages occur. So let us be your caretaker. The more we can help you understand the details and nuances of life’s bigger picture, the more your customers will trust you and remain loyal.